About PickABoo Dating App

Welcome to PickABoo where finding love is worth the gamble. You’re just one spin away from finding your Boo.

Mission: To inspire mankind…..to love, to trust the journey, to seek love, and to take a chance on love. PickABoo Dating App…..Where finding love is worth the gamble.

PickABoo dating app is unique, in that it wants to make match making fun while searching for your Boo. Dating shouldn’t be a job, it should be a journey…….enjoying every spin along the way. Our matching algorithm wheel generates a scoring system that keeps you engaged. The higher the Boo score the better your chances of connecting with your potential lifetime, long term, everlasting Boo. Searching for love has never been more exciting.


PickABoo Preview

Spinning Wheel: You get a little more, with a higher score

Boo Radar: Boos near You

Boo Chat: Getting to know Boo

Sign Up/New User: All about You

Boo Profile: What I want in a Boo

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Currently PickABoo dating app is in beta mode with an expected launch in the near future. To become a part of our beta testing, email your request to info@pickabooapp.com.